Lisa Rangi

December 2018

I’m sure that, like me, you are in the middle of end of year concerts and exams. While this is the time that we see the fruit of our work this year, a summer’s break is also something to look forward to.

Your Council has been quietly working behind the scenes, planning what we can offer you in 2019/2020. Next year, we will be collaborating with regional teams to bring experienced singing professionals to you. For those who find it difficult to get to conference, this will be an excellent opportunity to benefit from the various skills that our members have to offer. If you want to help make this happen in your part of New Zealand, please consider offering your time and energy to us. We will need a coordinator in each area to bring singing teachers together to choose a speaker, find a venue and book the date.

In 2020 we will be holding our biennial conference in Wellington. Please book Wednesday 15 April - Friday 17 April 2020 for your professional training that year. This venue and date was chosen as a result of 2 surveys sent out to all members. We are always endeavouring to listen to what you have to say and meet you where you are. It is NEWZATS’ custom to alternate between Classical and CCM focus at conferences and we are currently determining our CCM main speaker. We hope to announce the results soon.

God Bless you all over the holiday season. Lisa x