Lisa Rangi

Lisa Rangi - President's September Update

Who else is trying their darnedest to incorporate some of the incredible teaching principles and ideas that were presented to us at July’s conference in Auckland?

I’ve been having some great results with pupils this term and there’s still so much to try. All of the resources: audio recordings, paper presentations, PDFs etc from David, Nick, Lisa, Calvin, Judy and Beverley have been made available to all conference delegates via links emailed out. All NEWZATS members can access these as well via the NEWZATS website. Please email admin if you need your password again.

There are so many people to thank for making this conference happen: speakers, Auckland University Music department, sponsors and master class participants, but I would like to single out your incredible Council for hours of unpaid, but rewarding work. The Auckland team of Gina, Frances, Cathie and Calvin took most of the load and according to feedback, both verbal and through the survey, you were aware of and grateful for a well-organized event. Also, a huge thank you to our administrator Ruth, who had in her first year in this position shown us all that she’s got great ideas and energy to follow through.

The survey has given us some valuable information for what you’d like to see in the 2020 conference. It will be more focused on CCM as is our custom: alternating conference focus between Classical and Contemporary styles of singing. In 2016, we gathered in New Plymouth to learn from Dr Triniece Robinson: a Gospel expert who also touched on other CCM styles. Catrin Johnson brought the Classical touch to New Plymouth that year.

With the AGM taking place in Auckland, I’d like to welcome our new Councillors aboard the team: Cindy Jonker (Auckland), Jo Fitzgerald (Auckland) and Arlie McCormick (Dunedin). I’ve had a chance to catch up with each of them since their elections and I’m so pleased that each of them is enthusiastic about singing teaching and Newzats in their own way.

However, we have also had our wonderful Past President and Vice President, Erica Sim resign from Council. Erica has been my main support since taking on the Presidency. Her calm and balanced advice has made my job so much easier. I’m very grateful for her input and hopefully I can leave her alone to enjoy her retirement from Council.

I’d like to leave you with one of my favourite aha! moments from conference. As is often the case, discussion continued in the Copthorne bar after Monday’s sessions. Several of the delegates were with Lisa Tui after her presentation of a variety of Maori waiata in NCEA. Her time limit didn't allow her to go into any great depth but at the bar she made, what I felt, was a wonderful connection. She said, that if we singing teachers were able to understand that kapahaka students are trying to reconnect with their heritage and that this involves singing through two main emotions: grief and power and that we could give our students healthy technique to convey these emotions. We as teachers have the privilege of helping students perform this cultural art form healthily and effectively, in ways that are meaningful for them.

God Bless Lisa