Lisa Rangi

Lisa Rangi - December column

Everything is coming together for our July 2018 conference in Auckland. I hope that you’re making plans to be there! The Auckland Opera Studio has kindly donated their beautiful space for a Meet and Greet on the Sunday night before the conference starts. This will be an informal way to gather together and make those all-important connections.

Members who were fortunate to go to ICVT in Stockholm and witness David Jones’ Masterclass have high praise for what he has to offer us as main speaker at the conference next year.

During October I had the privilege to travel throughout the South Island, meeting NEWZATS members. There were some new faces for me (as I was to them) and we talked a lot of “shop”. Once again I learned so much about our craft. I would like to thank my gracious hostesses who drove, fed, entertained, medicated and loved me: Annabelle Cheetham (Wellington), Erica Sim (Nelson), Barbara Walton (Christchurch) and Elizabeth Bouman (Dunedin). These four ladies are the epitome of NEWZATS and I am so grateful for all they provided me with on my trip. It was also great catching up with Nick Hollamby in Christchurch, who is our CCM speaker next year, he truly has a lot to offer us as well.

I would like to share a recent personal experi-ence that I had. As many of you know, I have severe hearing loss and my audiologist, Sandra, called me in for a hearing checkup. As expected, I had a bit more hearing loss since the last check-up. But what she was astounded by were my results in the word recognition test. Sandra explained to me that I shouldn't be able to recognise the amount of language I was able to understand. She said that the only conclusion that she could come to was that other areas of my brain were able to compensate, because of the high amount of music and singing that I am exposed to daily. I was so excited to learn this, yet another reason to keep involved with singing!

The next time I write to you I will be married to Dave (I’m praying for great weather on New Year’s Eve) and we will have all celebrated another Christmas and reviewed 2017.  I wish you and your loved ones a healthy holiday season and hope to meet more of you next year.