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Lisa Rangi - June Column

Hello my fellow NEWZATS members. My name Is Lisa Rangi and I have recently been elected President of NEWZATS.

While my head has stopped whirling with the immensity of this, I would like to introduce myself to you all. NEWZATS became an important part of my life in the late 1990s. Becoming a member was the key to so much growth, not only in my teaching, but also for me personally. In NEWZATS I found so many skillful, experienced people who have guided and supported me on this amazing journey as a singing teacher.

I was born and raised in Taranaki and now live in New Plymouth. My two sons are Josiah, 25, who recently graduated from Waikato, with a First Class Honours degree in Music Composition and a teaching diploma, and Luke, 19, who is in his second year at Otago, studying Theatre and Psychology. The other special person in my life, Dave, is going to become my husband on New Year’s Eve. He comes to all sorts of musical ventures with me, and usually enjoys himself.

I teach private pupils at home and at two high schools, and I teach classroom music and a choir at a primary school. Much of my work is Musical Theatre, but I work in other genres as well. I found that within every style of music, people find comfort, fun and companionship.

I’m grateful to my teachers over the years. To Beatrice Webster who taught me Musicianship, to Gabrielle Barr who sent me to a workshop where I heard the words “larynx”, “constriction” and “twang” for the first time, and to Joan Kennaway who patiently listened to my issues for ages before we ever did any singing.

I am excited for the future of NEWZATS, as we have a very qualified Council. They have expertise, and experience from a variety of vocal music backgrounds and are all concerned about the continued education and support of New Zealand’s singing teachers. They also have digital, marketing, budgeting and hospitality skills in abundance. A very busy year lies ahead for the NEWZATS council. We have already started planning the July 2018 NEWZATS conference in Auckland The website will be revamped and our brochure is being redesigned and brought up to date. We will always welcome new members and continue the Mentorship programme. The archives have been a bit neglected so these need to be sorted and rehoused so they will become available to members at any time. We plan to keep up to date an open Facebook page and a members only Facebook Support page which we hope you will want to visit and use often. I hope I will meet some of you at the AGM and during the year ahead I plan to get around as many NEWZATS branches to catch up with members.

Please contact me whenever you have any ideas you wish to share and if you are passing through my part of NZ there will always be a welcome here for a NEWZATS member Best wishes Lisa