We have a small pool of money available for the Mentoring Scheme. Mentors and Mentees can apply for funding for a special training need identified in their sessions. Major items e.g. studio visit or partial conference fee, as recommended by the mentor, can be applied for as part of the mentoring scheme.


  • Any Full NEWZATS member is eligible to apply.
  • An application fee of $50 is required and can be paid online a/c 15-3971-0059033-00
  • Participation as a mentee can be used to fulfill a mentee’s professional development requirement, or in their CV.


  • Any members can apply to be a mentor, listing their areas of expertise, general or specific.
  • Mentors are volunteers and therefore will not be paid by NEWZATS.
  • Any reasonable incidental mentoring expenses may be reimbursed up to $50 e.g. photocopying, postage, on production of receipts.
  • Participation as a mentor can be used to fulfil a mentor’s professional development requirement, or in their CV.


  • Both mentors and mentees should fill in the below registration form.
  • The Project Coordinator will conduct a matching exercise for mentor and mentee based on information provided.
  • Every effort will be made to match the skills of the mentor with the requirements of the mentee.
  • If a mentor is not available the Project Coordinator will contact you. (The application fee will be refunded)


For further information, please contact us

e.g. tax returns, running a private studio