They give great goals to work towards.

You need to make choices about:
  1. What kind of songs you wish to sing? 
    e.g.Classical, Jazz, Music Theatre, Pop, Rock
  2. How much you wish to pay? 
    There is considerable variation in the fee structure depending upon the type of exam.
  3. When is the best time of year for you to sit your exams? 
    If you are already sitting school exams, this may affect when you sit music exams.
  4. Do you wish to do: 
    A practical exam with songs, sight reading, aural tests and general knowledge.
    A performance exam presenting a number of songs.
  5. Are you are looking at entering a Performing Arts programme at Secondary or Tertiary level? 
    There may be certain entry level requirements. This could influence which exam school you choose and the level or grade of the exam you sit.
  6. Are there pre-requisites for the exam you wish to sit?
    Sometimes you may have to have a certain level Music Theory exam or Practical exam pass to enter a more advanced exam

    You and your singing teacher will need to discuss this.

    Singing exams are run by exam boards. The boards that have a presence in New Zealand are:
New Zealand Music Examinations Board
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Trinity College London
Trinity College London
St Cecilia
Australia and New Zealand Cultural Association