Lisa Rangi

March 2019

Happy New Teaching Year to you all.

I hope that you have found ways of keeping cool in the teaching studio this month......I have 2 fans going at all times.

The NEWZATS Council recently met in Wellington to continue planning ways to help you in your journey as exceptional voice teachers. We have been working on the 2020 conference to be held in Wellington on Wednesday 15 April-Friday 17 April. This is in the first week of holidays following on from Easter. We hope to have good news of our main speakers to share with you soon.

This year we would like to encourage you to consider hosting a NEWZATS workshop in your part of the country. Look for the article in this newsletter Pg 5-6 to see our extensive “menu” of fine NEWZATS members and their various areas of expertise who have expressed their willingness to take workshops to your region. You could be instrumental in facilitating an event that reaches many singers and teachers that may not be able to get to our conferences.

NEWZATS Members Support Page.

Our members’ only page on Facebook is a great place for sharing ideas and resources. This week there has been: a request for a specific piece of music (need met...thank you Lesley), discussion on whether to allow backing trax at singing competitions (no for Classical, yes for MT and contemporary), advertising for a workshop (Julia) PPTA teachers guidelines for itinerant teachers etc. ...oh...and a funny (me).

If you have not already using this page go to NEWZATS Members Support Page and request to join our members.

Finally I would like to thank my Council for covering my back when I couldn't stay at the fly in meeting for long. My husband was sick and I had to get him home. They shooed me out
and got the meeting done efficiently. Not only that, when I received the minutes, there were NO jobs for me to do. Another example of the loving care that I, and I hope you also, enjoy as a member of NEWZATS. By the way, Dave is much better.

Bless you all,